Our Company Mission

At Professional Headshot Photography, we’ve seen the importance of having great headshots when building a company or personal brand. But, we also know it can be a tricky business to get this done! Whether it’s a lack of confidence, or not seeing how it can fit the budget, we’re on a mission to help people look their success part before it’s too late. This means we’re going to take steps to make this the best headshot photography session you’ve ever experienced!
Our packages are simple and straightforward, and we offer the professional service you want Our sessions are easy and relaxed. We guide you into your best, most flattering angles and aim to get the shots as efficiently as possible to have you looking fresh. If you have any questions, get in touch.

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Why choose us?

1. Your brand matters

Your brand is the total emotional response people have towards your brand. A great company or business headshot is a powerful tool you have to influence this response. It is the visual tool you have to tell one part of your brand story! Your brand inspires trust and confidence in what you offer and will ultimately help you achieve business success. We’ll help you capture this brand so you can win your audience over!

2. Look your best

Looking your best is not only about the external features when you do your headshot. You look your best when you can be yourself AND be your best self! We give you reason to smile, aspire and see the success in your future by engaging with you in a natural way. Years of experience in fashion photography will also ensure we automatically adjust things like your hair, makeup, and clothing when it’s stealing from the best photo.

3. Be confident

When you shoot with us, your confidence will soar. We create an environment where you can be yourself and feel confident about yourself. We pride ourselves in helping people feel comfortable in front of the lens and cultivating a connection so that their most photogenic qualities come forward.

4. It’s about what’s in you

As we said above, looking your best is not about the external factors. It’s about what’s in you and bringing that to light! We know how to bring you out of your shell so your authentic and confident self can radiate in front of the lens.

  1. The technique that matters

There are two parts to a winning headshot. The first part is the ability to capture the intangible qualities we mentioned above. The second is bringing it all together with technical ability. We have an experienced understanding of fundamental photographic techniques and know how to use things like posing, lighting,  and composition to create that winning headshot!

Michael Teo
Michael Teo
Principal Photographer

About Me

Hi, I’m Michael.

I’m a multi-award-winning photographer working towards helping people look their best! I believe the most beautiful thing is getting the best out of people, to see their inner light shine, to see them when they are pure, when they are authentic. I have seen how this is still completely relevant to building great companies and personal brands. This led me to starting a professional headshot photography service where I can do my part in achieving the above.

My greatest skill is getting the best out of people, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of my camera so they can truly be themselves. I love how through photography I can make people feel good about themselves, about who they are and give them the opportunity to love, fully accept and celebrate themselves.

I hope you decide to take this opportunity with me so we can help you look the part of the success coming your way!



Gold Medal in Reportage Category 2019 World Photographic Cup

Best of Nation Award (Australia) 2019 World Photographic Cup


AIPP Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year Finalist

1 x 2018 APPA Gold Award

3 x 2018 APPA Silver Awards


Associate of Photography AAIPP

1 x 2017 APPA Silver Distinction Award

3 x 2017 APPA Silver Awards

3 x 2017 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award

1 x 2017 Victorian AIPP Silver Award


1 x 2016 APPA Silver Distinction Award

3 x 2016 APPA Silver Awards

1 x 2016 Victorian AIPP Gold Award

1 x 2016 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award


2 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Gold Awards

1 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award

5 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards


2014 AIPP Victorian Emerging Photographer of the Year

2014 Ian Hawthorne Award

1 x 2014 APPA Silver Distinction Award

2 x 2014 APPA Silver Awards

2 x 2014 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Awards

3 x 2014 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards