Want to take your company image to the next level? We help you look the part with high-quality and professional business, personal branding, or corporate headshots so you can build your company with confidence knowing your online presence rocks!

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High Quality
Your corporate headshot photos will be shot on state of the art equipment and retouched to the highest standards for use in any resolutions you need, including web-optimised files that retain their quality.
Personalised Sessions
Our sessions have genuine effort and conversation so you can feel at ease as you are. We will guide each person to their best angles and expression.
Affordable Pricing
Our packages offer value instead of taking value from you. We know you have a business to run and help you look the part without robbing the bottom line.

Michael Teo

Principal Photographer

About Professional Headshot Photography

At Professional Headshot Photography, we’ve seen the importance of having great corporate headshots when building a company or personal brand. But, we also know it can be a tricky business to get this done! Whether it’s a lack of confidence, lack of time or not seeing how it can fit the budget, we’re on a mission to help people look their success part before it’s too late…

Our Mission

Your roadmap to winning back your confidence

We’re here to help you look your best and have a personalised process for each client.

Select Your Package
Get in touch, and we’ll discuss how you want to present your company or personal brand to the world. You then select your corporate headshot package. We’ll make sure the package you choose fits your needs and tailor it where we can.
Headshot Session
We’ll take a series of photographs of you while directing you to look your absolute best, and we sit together to choose your favourite portraits. Each photo is professionally retouched to make sure it looks perfect whilst still keeping it authentic.
Use your corporate headshot or personal brand photo to showcase your professional image on your website, LinkedIn or wherever you’re building success!
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We know there are many parts to achieving success in life.

But, we also know first impressions matter. Make sure your online presence looks like the success you want to achieve in your career and company!

Success Stories from Happy Customers

We cater to many different companies and personal brands. We’re happy to share these stories from happy customers who’ve won back their confidence, are succeeding in their careers and hitting those professional goals while looking the part with their fresh corporate headshots!